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Friday, 27 May 2011

frens n school n HIM

its holiday!!! means BORING.. ==' well last thursday was awesome ! haha.. aliah n mimi n ckin were awesome too! but aliah said she 's gonna convert her study to uitm.. hmmm.. i wish she doesnt have to go bcoz she knows how lucky she was in form 6! huhu.. now im talking about him. yeah, HIM! REMEMBER?the one who dumped me bcoz of his mum? well now im gonna blame him.. he is totally a JERK! his fren told me that all  this while he has been fooling me around n it was a great game! GOD! i shud be expected this ! n the weird thing is, i dont feel sad at all.. HAHA! this is because im tired of crying n God knows that i shudnt waste my tears for him. its worthless... he dedicated me a song. yes, the song describes me, n what i feel towards him. since he dumped me for the 1st time. this is the second time he did this to me. well, fine then. i am alright. i am just fine here. plus, he is not the only player here. me too. i repeat , I AM A PLAYER TOO. so what? he thinks he is good? hmmm not so fast my dear.. but i will have my sorry for him bcoz he's gonna catch a cold from the ice inside his soul... he is going to be alone... n he will never ever feel the power of the true love.. cuz he doesnt know what love is. . . its better dont come for me at all ! coz that time , i'll treat u just like a rubbish on the street.. n u know what does it means...


  1. uik i dah follow u..lor amik kat follower la..
    da kan follow 2..

  2. hehehehe...u rite baby..don't u ever let him come to you anymore...when you first tell me about him i really thought that he really sad have to leave u for her mum...but playing u around....!? he's a RUBBISH...u deserve better dear...*keep smiling n be happy k...