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Sunday, 22 May 2011

unforgetable LOVE

well.. i am willing to back off. this is for our own sake. we will be far away each other afta this.. n maybe she's the best for u.. thanks for all the love ,laughs , stories, smiles, sorrow n everything that we shared together... u make me happy... seriously.. whenever u come on9.. i feel like there is butterfly flying happily in my stomach n i cant avoid it... it makes me feel like living in a fairytale where my prince will always come for me, spreading the love into me... says the love words and its absorbed absorbed deep in my heart.. it is lovely.. it is happy.. n of course even we re nor meant to be together, no one can replace u.. u are always be my 'jacob black' that i adore, that i love, that i dream in every single night of my tight sleeps... its u.. it is always be u.. no matter how time heal everything,it will never heal my pain, my love, my happiness, my memories with u.. i wish we will meet someday, some place , my dear prince.. i'll be the juliet n u will be the romeo.. just like u wished, just like u said... no matter what... my dearest jacob black...n i, alwys be ur infinity... always.... i will remeber what u always say... to the infinity n beyond.. its our memory syg..

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