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Sunday, 22 May 2011

totally wrong

huhhh... everything is happening without i expected today... there are things went wrong n some thing happened today. but i feel a bit sad bcoz i think i ve lost one of my fren today.. this is all happened bcoz of a new feelow in our class today. she was her bestfren. n suprisingly she ignored me. what a bad day.. i thought she was my fren but she was not. she is just an ordinary fren that is easy come easy go.. compared to the other fren, even though she was kinda like to tease me but she didnt ignored me like my fren was.. i feel sad, horrible, mad, frustrated n annoying in a same time.. n that new fellow was very2 bad influence for me.. oh my GOD she is sucks as hell!! she is rude to teacher, n many people told me that its better not to befriend with her cuz she is a virus.. a very bad virus. n she seems not satisfied with me... well, just wait n see mila who is better.. i can prove to scha , ( my fren who asked me not to messed up with her) how is it when 'buku bertemu ruas'.. she doesnt really know who i am... haha.. actly i dont wanna create problems at this new school but if i have to, i will.. well, everything was different today.. totally different.. okay!! nest post coming up soon! (maybe tonight? maybe not) hahahahhaha ADIOSS:P

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